Goose Egg!


(I wonder if Henry is allergic to goose eggs?  Probably.)


We got the results of Henry’s third scope, which was about a month ago.  A big beautiful zero.  NO eosinophils were found!  This means that the Pulmicort worked wonderfully, and we got permission to keep Henry on it for the foreseeable future.  The steroids work for about 75% of EoE kids, and with our track record, 25% seemed like a big chance that it wouldn’t work, so I think both Ian and I were a little nervous to know what the results were.  (Me especially.)  I kind of always assumed the worst with this diagnosis, because Henry inherited my bad luck, and he’s usually on the wrong side of the statistics.


I also learned some fascinating information about allergy testing, and  “matrixes” in antibodies that determine how reactive a protein will be.  I understood it at the time the allergist was explaining it to me, but when I tried to explain it to Ian when we got home, I was already confused again.  I’ll see if I can find some diagrams online, because it really is interesting for those of us in the allergy world.


Henry also gained 3 pounds since April, so we are keeping him on the Neocate supplement from here on out as well. Unless we can add more food to his diet, which brings me to the scariest part of the visit.  This is the part where we talked about giving Henry some of the foods he tests positive and see if he reacts.  It’s called an “in office food challenge,” and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be the one to take him to any of them.  He will be fed the suspicious food in increasing amounts, and watched in the doctor’s office to see if he reacts. He is the kind of kid who tests positive to everything, so this really is necessary because he is very restricted in his diet.  (His over active immune system does have a silver lining, he’s almost never sick!) It’s really terrifying to think about, so I’m just going to not think about it until I have to.  “Here Henry, eat this. It may have the potential to kill you, but don’t worry, we’ll stab you with an epi pen if we need to.”  I may need to medicate myself some way so that I don’t go crazy while he does this.


It was a good clinic.  The Splenda bender lives on…



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