Go ahead and tell everybody….

Henry had his second scope today.




I was naively hoping that right after the scope I could put this whole “Henry doesn’t get to eat anything diet,” to pasture and just fill a prescription for steroids on the way home, but, it appears I’m not in charge. First and foremost, Henry is at home, so far ok, but he didn’t handle the anesthesia as well this time.  It took him a lot longer to come around after he officially woke up, and he got sick, even on Zofran.  His esophagus looks “better,” but there are still signs of active eosinophils.  So what has probably happened is that we caught one or two of his triggers, but not all of them. (This was what I was expecting, and also my least favorite outcome.)


We are getting conflicting info from the GI and allergist at this point about when we will be able to add more food to his diet, which is frustrating, but I know they both want what’s best for Henry, and I’m confident that we will be able to straighten it all out next week.   Our follow up appointment isn’t until the middle of May, and I made it perfectly clear that we would not be waiting another month to add at least something back, so we settled on talking Thursday about the biopsy results and going from there. (Visuals don’t mean much as far as diagnosis or treatment, biopsies are the key.)


The past 2 months of this elimination diet have without a doubt been the hardest parenting I’ve ever done.  I think that’s saying something considering I once had two newborns.  Henry is discouraged and disappointed.  He’s hanging in there because he’s strong, but I can tell he’s feeling defeated, and that is the hardest part.

That brings me to my weird post title.  About a month ago, we heard “The Man,” on the radio.  Henry liked it right away, so I looked for it online to figure out who the artist was, and found the video on YouTube.  We bought the song, and it’s kind of been Henry’s new theme song through out the past month.  He heard an interview on the radio with Aloe Blacc, the artist, and he told me, “Mom, he said it’s a song about getting knocked down and then triumphing.”  I play it a lot while I’m running, especially when I’m a few miles away from completing one of my long training runs, and I’m swearing and wondering why the hell I signed up for a half marathon with all of this stuff going on in the first place.  I put it on and think about my boy, who has no choice but to keep on keepin on, and then I feel like a jerk for even considering quitting.

I also want you all to tell everybody about the fundraiser I’m doing for kids with food allergies.  I’ve raised a little over $700, and I’d LOVE to get to $1,000.  So tell everybody you know, and feel free to embellish for sympathy donations. 😉  The link to donate is here.


Go ahead and tell every body, Henry’s the man.



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