(Insert explicative here.)


Henry started gagging on his Neocate shakes out of nowhere on Monday morning. He fought with me all day about drinking a second one. He was sick of chocolate so I made 3 different recipes, which he proceeded to reject. By yesterday afternoon he was full blown vomiting when I tried to get him to drink a shake. He was already not eating enough, so this sent me into a spiral of anxiety. The nutritionist was very stern about getting the 10 scoops of Neocate a day into the skinny boy. We made an emergency trip to our “old” allergist, who basically told us to stick with the current team because they have more resources, and each other to back them up. In retrospect, I sort of treated the visit like a therapy session for all of us because we needed someone to tell us to “stay the course.” He didn’t say that in so many words, he actually threw out the idea to stop the elimination diet and try the steroids for now. However he looked him over and decided that no harm has been done thus far so that helped me to feel better. At that point we were thinking he was throwing up the shakes because he was so sick of them, but he got sick again this morning, so it is obviously a virus. Ian and I have decided to see how Henry does after the virus moves through him, and then reevaluate the whole “change up the treatment” plan. He’s already made it a month, so he just needs to make it one more. We’ll see how it goes I guess. I’m concerned with his quality of life most of all at this point, so the deciding factor for me will be how unhappy it’s going to make him to continue.

This EoE stuff is very scary for me. There are so many unknowns. Ian and I just keep putting on a brave face for Henry, because what else can we do?

P.S. I also had a chance to ask about Miles and his egg situation. (The situation is projectile vomit when consumed.) The dr asked about any other reaction, skin, breathing, etc. He doesn’t have any of those, which led the allergist to say, “Well then, you may be in EoE territory.” (insert explicative #2)


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