Update on Henry

It’s been 2 full weeks that we’ve been on the new diet.  I’m trying this thing lately where instead of being pessimistic, I’m trying to use the “Law of Attraction” and think positive.  I don’t have a visualization board, a la “The Secret.” Yet.

I regretfully inform you that this approach is not exactly working.  Or perhaps it is and things could be worse?  I suppose I should think the latter.

Henry isn’t eating much.  He’s not liking much of the new foods we are trying.  He’s reacting to the new foods we are trying.  Friday he got the epi pen and went to the ER after a cookie with sesame seed in it.  I can kind of deal with the reacting to new foods thing, although my patience is wearing thin with that.  What has really got me down is Henry’s lack of interest in food, especially meals.  (I can get him to eat treats no problem.)  The thing is, there is hardly anything to give him.  He’s started reacting to Tilapia, so the only safe fish we have right now is halibut. (Note:  I couldn’t figure out quickly via Google whether or not the name of the type of fish needed to be capitalized, so I only capitalized one.  That way I at least got one of them right.)  There are only so many ways to cook halibut.  He’s eating a lot of sweet potatoes, and a lot of rice products.  He’s not going for quinoa.  I do have a few more recipes to try out, so all hope is not lost.  He didn’t like my “cheeze” sauce, or the fancy millet Ian made him.  The really discouraging part is that he isn’t eating stuff he used to eat no problem, like oatmeal.  At first he seemed to be getting better on this diet, but now he seems to be getting worse.  He is gulping milk after every bite at dinner it seems.  I’m trying to figure out if it’s a habit, or if he’s still getting food stuck.

I wish I had a better update, but hopefully we are just at a tough part of the climb and things will level out soon.

If anyone has any ideas of things to eat for someone avoiding the foods on Henry’s list, I’d love to hear them!


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